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Click on the image for a tale of how I became an accidental film-maker.

See below for the results: click the title to see the film and the picture for an image gallery from the shoots.


In 2009 I was commissioned to write and direct my first film. 

The result was this 12 minute epic Where You From?

It's the story of a young boy who struggles with his identity. Until he meets a friend who helps him accept him for himself.

It's riddled with first-time film-maker errors. Riddled.

And I love it.


A year later I collaborated with cameraman Jonny Walton for a second time on a 48 Hour Film Project.

We wrote, storyboarded, cast, filmed and edited a five minute movie - in 48 hours. 

We won an award for cinematography.

In 48 hours.

In the summer of 2011 I worked with a new collaborator, Lucy Ray, to shoot this comedy about a group of young Asian guys from Bradford who get mistaken for terrorists. As you do.

Spoiler: they're not terrorists. They're idiots.

The Wrong Toilet. Shot in Feb 2013, specifically for a competition later this year.

Bloke gets stuck in the wrong toilet. Based on a true story. 

Yes, mine.

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